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Meloni, Tolkien and post-fascism

Meloni, Tolkien and post-fascism

2022-09-24 | Italy

Elections will be held in Italy tomorrow on Sunday. Meloni and her Fratelli d'Italia are the favorites in the polls. The international press is now investigating her biography to understand what post-fascism is....and it couldn't be more mistaken. The supposed passion for hobbits and elves is a recurring anecdote in his story. But the relationship between post-fascism and Tolkien is deeper and allows us to reflect on more important things.

Forced conscription and the nuclearization of warfare

Forced conscription and the nuclearization of warfare

2022-09-21 | Ukraine

Last week's Ukrainian counteroffensive, followed by the string of conflicts being stirred up in the Russian zone of influence to undermine the CSTO, have raised the level and violence of the imperialist conflict between Russia and the US. Russia mobilizes as of today 300,000 reservists and plants nuclear weapons on the table. Hundreds of thousands of workers will be uprooted from their jobs and families across the country. The moment that the Russian bourgeoisie feared - that it would have to acknowledge that it is in a war that would necessarily involve masses of workers - has arrived.

Montessori, Waldorf and alternative pedagogies

Montessori, Waldorf and alternative pedagogies

2022-09-18 | Critique of ideology

Are these methods really that good for child development? Have the higher-income classes discovered a revolutionary pedagogy and organized a private system to provide it for their own children, while leaving the rest of the children out in the cold? In reality, neither Montessori nor Waldorf are anything new. That is why we can trace the reason for their present growth in their original alignments, values, and contexts.

More war

More war

2022-09-14 | Ukraine

In the EU, in the USA and in Russia, the ruling classes want more war, more barbarism, more slaughter. They do not care about the fact that it means more crisis, they hold and will hold the bet as long as there is no need to confront the workers.