The future of Europe and the war

11 May, 2022 · European Union

Macron speaks yesterday in Strasbourg at the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Macron burst into the proceedings of the “Conference on the Future of Europe” yesterday with a proposal to reform the EU’s constituent treaties which immediately divided the states into two sides. It is the response to a US strategy in Ukraine which, irrespective of its effects on Russia, is increasingly undermining the power enjoyed by the Franco-German-Italian axis within the EU.

Beneath gender roles, the social organization of work

8 May, 2022 · Critique of ideology

Olive pickers in Jaén

The differences in social roles between men and women are fundamentally due to the impositions of the social organization of work. That is to say, they are neither based on “essential” differences nor can they be overcome through ideological and cultural campaigns. For this reason, ending discrimination requires transforming the relations of production.

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