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Syria bombing Biden goes back to war

2021-03-01 | Global News

Syria bombing. The US is bombing Hezbollah, backing Kurdish terrorist groups in Iraq and Turkey and preparing to further protract the endless war in Afghanistan. With Biden America is back and intends to regain lost ground in the Middle East from its rivals by stirring up a hornet's nest of imperialist conflicts.

The Syria bombing...

Syria bombing once again. Spanish public television flattered Biden yesterday, underlining the restraint that according to the Spanish government's voice the bombing entailed. The Anglo-Saxon press was a bit more critical: Biden said "diplomacy is back" and started dropping bombs as headlined by an editorial column in The Guardian.

Such containment reportedly consisted of bombing Iran's allies in Syria rather than Iraq in order not to embarrass the Iraqi government - Iran's ally - who on the other hand ratchets up the tension with Turkey in its dispute for control and influence over the Mosul-Sinjar region.

...is raising tensions throughout the region...

pkk syria bombing

Magazine slide show of female YPG-PKK units. No one is trying to hide the militarism and personality cult of the founder of the PKK, who is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of people.

The region is home to camps of the PKK, a Kurdish-Turkish terrorist organization that killed more than 15,000 civilians in the 1980s, when it was internationally associated with the Shining Path in Peru and Maoist guerrillas in Nepal. Today the PKK's main military camps lie in Iraq under the protection of the Kurdish-Iraqi regional government and in Syria, lumped in with the YPG militias that the Turkish group once organized and led.

In one such camp 13 Turkish abductees were recently killed at the hands of the PKK and a YPG group - whatever such a nuance is worth. The murder - and the international silence - is considered a true casus belli for Ankara. Which, on the other hand, pushes any reconciliation between Washington and Ankara farther away because Biden is dedicated to resuming his alliance with the Kurdish armed groups.

A mess? Yes. Let's add one more element: the U.S. attack required Israeli collaboration...and we get a good picture of the extent to which this bombing has been an act of containment and diplomacy. Stirring up a hornet's nest of conflicting imperialist interests has never been a smooth move.

Although the Iranians, for their part, have also contained themselves. Immediately afterwards they bombed an Israeli oil tanker belonging to a shipping company in which the head of the Mossad apparently has an interest. The whole thing was very contained... because they did not manage to blow up the ship.

...and is preparing to drag out the war in Afghanistan

And meanwhile, the reconsideration of the Afghanistan withdrawal policy announced in Biden's first days in office seems to be consolidating. Everything points to the fact that the US will end up reinforcing its military presence and actions and prolonging the endless war against the Taliban. The goal: to send a signal to Iran, which had already rushed to include the Taliban on its regional map.

What's next

What's coming is a movie we've seen before: The US elbowing its way into a region where the imperialist interests of its rivals intersect in contradictory ways. Result: dangerous escalations in imperialist tensions that have generally ended up dragging new countries into war. And devastating them. And this is just one front, that of the Middle East.