Communist morality

Marxist Dictionary

A specific way in the acting, speaking, relating and struggling of communists that results from living with the perspective and conviction that the abolition of scarcity, commodities and wage labor by the working class’ own struggle is as necessary as it is possible in the present time.

Communist morality is not a state of mind or a set of rules or “commandments”; it is a perspective of the future that is realized through the forms of political and interpersonal relations and behavior.

When Engels wrote in the Anti-Dühring (1878) that proletarian morality presents the future in the transformation of the present, what he was pointing out was that communist morality is based on that particular relationship of the class with the future. And that by bringing forward universal human needs, needs that can only be universally satisfied after the overcoming of capitalism, communist morality seeks to raise and represent even today the abundance -and therefore the freedom to be achieved- in the behavior, attitudes and ways of acting of the most class-conscious elements.

The world seen from the communist perspective is the result of a gigantic collective work, spurred on and accelerated in its march by conflict and class struggle, which has accumulated such extensive and powerful knowledge and capabilities that it makes possible -today- a society of full abundance and freedom for each and every one. This potential, as well as its negation by decadent capitalism, is present and shapes every manifestation of our world and every expression of its contradictions. From this we draw strength and optimism. Not from necessity, nor from hatred, nor from the desire for justice, nor from charity, but from the capacity to discover in the present the immense potential for self-liberation of our species.

But also, by confronting each and every thing with the abundance that is already possible, by situating ourselves in relation to our species in time, the miseries that the system permanently produces, appear as what they are historically today: absolutely unjustifiable and unnecessary… in all their manifestations, direct and indirect. Therefore, rebelling against the system of exploitation that universally articulates society can only lead to widespread opposition to all social inequality and power of domination. That is why the moral attitude of the communist has nothing to do with the condescension of the stuck-up leftist and the resentment and obsessive violence of the internet troll.

Communist morality, the intimate link between the way of doing, speaking and fighting and the permanent perspective of the abolition of scarcity, commodities and wage labor, is not an ornament or a mystical or moralistic drift, it is a material fact with material consequences. Without the conscious strengthening of communist morality, idealistic fetishes, reactionary utopias of social automatons and control panels, if not the apocalyptic dreams that relieve the communists of any historical responsibility, will come back over and over again, disarming one by one the best efforts of our class.