Spanish Communist Left

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Internationalist organization founded in Liège in 1930 that regrouped the founding current of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE in Spanish) in 1920 and joined the International Left Opposition as a Spanish section. It will inspire the communist left in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

Brief history

In 1930, a group of Spanish migrant and exiled workers in Liège (Belgium) formed the “Spanish Communist Organization” (SCO, OCE in Spanish) around Francisco García Lavid (“Henri Lacroix”). The OCE grew rapidly, regrouping the founding current of the PCE (Esteban Bilbao, Juan Andrade), of the Red Trade Union International (Andrés Nin) and a new generation of militants who united under the banner of the International Communist Left (Fernandez Grandizo – “Munis”-, Félix Galán, Luís Rastrollo – “SEM”-, etc.). The OCE will participate in the foundation of the the International Left Opposition. It will became its Spanish section and it will change its name in 1932 (II National Conference) into the “Spanish Communist Left” (ICE in Spanish).

In 1935, the ICE split into two tendencies: the minority tendency that preferred to remain within the International Opposition (Bilbao, Fersen, Munis) and the majority tendency that, under the influence of Andrade and Nin, opted to merge with the centrist and regionalist Catalan group BOC to gain critical mass, forming the POUM.
After the split, the current reconstituted itself around the minority that remained in the International Left Opposition (the “Bolshevik-Leninist Group”). These will be the only Marxists in Spain to take a clear stand for the revolution, fighting at the same time in the militias against Franco and confronting the Republican state together with the workers in the days of May 1937. In 1938 they would be integrated as a Spanish section in the Fourth International and would form, from 1942 onwards, the nucleus of its internationalist left.

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