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Fragility and ideological crisis

2020-07-06 | Global News

Trump revealed the arguments of his election campaign last July 4th: to fight the new far left fascism. This is by no means the first time that he shows a primary anti-communism, McCarthyist-style, in his speech. This type of discourse has never been completely absent in American politics. Another thing is its normalization on a global scale. That in itself is a significant novelty.

Demonstration in support of Bolsonaro demanding a military coup.

It's inevitable to think of Bolsonaro. Now it has been revealed that the ideological foundation of Bolsonarism is a conspiratorial theory, part of the war of disinformation elaborated by the military when they left power to justify their dictatorship and the assassinations: _Orvil_. According to the Brazilian press, the only merit of this archaeological treasure of chicanery would be to have anticipated with militaristic and Brazilian keywords the discourse on cultural Marxism of the American ultra-right wing. A discourse that has become state ideology in Poland or in Orban's Hungary, but which is spreading throughout Europe through parliamentary groups like Vox... although not only through them.

Guaidó at Puerta del Sol, Madrid, last January.

In countries like Argentina, Portugal or Spain, the pressure of the revolt of the angry petty bourgeoisie joins the arrival of a massive petty bourgeois migration from Brazil and Venezuela. Armed with a rabid McCarthyism of worrying violence and with a multitude of personal and financial ties to the local institutional right-wing, the ultra-right in exile has permeated the language and argument of parties like the PP, to the horror of its old guard. It is not only Feijóo in Spain who seeks to put a stop to what he senses as a danger of breakdown. In Portugal, even in the economic press, [the liberal sectors of the conservative opposition charge against the bolsonarist influence and its brutality, rejecting as ridiculous -it is- the concept of cultural Marxism and claiming what it means for them.

The problem for them is that the ideological fragility of the right wing revealed by their permeability to the delusions of the ultra-nationalist petty bourgeoisie is not limited to the tactical sphere.

From Macron to Boris

](https://jornaleconomico.sapo.pt/noticias/marxismo-cultural-loves-mercado-livre-608850)[![](images/macron-alocucion-chalecos-amarillos.png)](https://en.communia.blog/files/2020/07/macron-alocucion-chalecos-amarillos.png) 2018. President Macron's National Networking Address Announcing a $100 Minimum Wage Increase

class struggle


Again: the bourgeoisie is limited at first by the ideological discourse imported from the US in the 1990s, it changes course quickly when the recession shows up in all its virulence, but it is incapable of transforming its practical need into an ideological discourse with which to try to rally society around its objectives.