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Mexican maquilas go on strike again

2020-04-23 | Mexico

mass strike


But the outbreak of strikes in the maquiladoras in Ciudad Juárez and from there to Mexicali, Matamoros, Nogales and Gomez Palacio, adding up to more than 30 large companies, has shown a universal alternative: shutdown of non-essential production, full payment of wages to the workers in case the plants close, and health services, measures for protection and food supply and basic consumption for all.

The universal sense of the struggle became clear when the US began to put pressure on Mexico to force the government into reopening the maquiladoras. The US military industry has even threatened to relocate production back into the US if the factories in Chihuahua do not reopen immediately.

This is the time when workers in the US military industry plants should also break the trade union siege and join the struggle under the same platform, which describes and defines their interests as clearly as it does for their Mexican comrades. But the information blockade in the US about strikes that are fully integrated into its industrial chains is even more effective than that of the Mexican media. In the end these information blockades respond to the same class interests.

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