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Non-essential production must be stopped again

2020-04-13 | Spain

Today, workers in non-essential production are going back to work in Spain. With 5,000 people in the ICU, more than 17,000 deaths that keep growing at a rate of more than 500 every day and no tests to ensure that there are no pockets of contagion within the workforce, it is a truly reckless move. Even the official "advice" expresses the insecurity of the government itself and its experts. As it happened before in Italy, there is again an impulse towards strikes to keep non-essential production closed as long as the spread is not controlled to make sure that going to work is not like Russian roulette for the workers and their families.

The whole picture is a real disaster: those who were thrown into temporary layoffs are not yet receiving April's subsidy because the administration has stalled the proceedings. Those who keep their jobs won't be able to take any tests, and the alternative is to risk infecting their colleagues or becoming unemployed.

And the slogan of the day from the state is to celebrate 500 deaths in the last 24 hours as if it were a success while telling us anecdotes about the distribution of masks in the highway exchanges as if it weren't a desperate measure to alleviate the fact that the conditions set by the ministry itself - two meters away from each other and in transport - are not being met anywhere.

Today, fighting against Covid means...

Flyer distributed today by Emancipation in Spain.

accumulation|make investments profitable

Closure of all non-essential production as long as transport and workplace safety cannot be ensured.

Real and sufficient safety conditions and equipment for essential workers

Immediate payment of overdue temporary layoff benefits and coverage of all unemployed for the duration of the confinement.

Testing of the entire population showing symptoms.