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Imperialist fractures and the generalization of the war economy

Imperialist fractures and the generalization of the war economy

2023-07-07 | Global News

The "victory" narrative is a great lie on both sides, built on hundreds of thousands of corpses. Russian instability does not signal the prospect of the end of the war, as we are told, but of an escalation to far more destructive levels. The growing antagonism between humanity and capitalism leads to genocide, not to a collapse from which anything can be built.

Strikes in the UK

Strikes in the UK

2023-03-15 | UK

The strike wave that began in May of last year continues to this day. Workers in all sectors, from transportation to health care, are participating.

Climate Justice

Climate Justice

2023-03-11 | Foundations

The Green Deal is advancing at the cost of the impoverishment of the massive working class majority and the intensification of imperialist tensions between capitals. Can the concept of "Climate Justice" be of any use to us?

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