Russia-US talks over… Ukraine?

16 January, 2022 · Global situation

Talks on Ukraine in Geneva between Russia and the U.S.
Talks on Ukraine in Geneva between Russia and the U.S.

For the past few months NATO has been denouncing a Russian build-up of troops on the Ukrainian border. The US went so far as to state that it expected a Russian invasion earlier this year, to which it nevertheless promised to respond exclusively with sanctions. Now representatives of both powers are meeting in Geneva to “de-escalate” the tension and prevent the invasion supposedly underway. But is all this really about Ukraine? What are Russia’s and the US’s objectives? Is there a real danger of war? And if so, to what extent?

Massive school strike in France

14 January, 2022 · France

Teachers' demonstration yesterday in Marseille during the Massive school strike in France

A huge teaching strike has been going on in France since yesterday. It covers elementary schools and middle plus high schools, with both teaching and service staffs taking part together.

Omicron, the do-nothing “strategy” and its 3 problems

13 January, 2022 · Global situation

Could Omicron be the end of the pandemic? Governments are increasingly open about leaving the current wave of Omicron unchecked as a way of achieving “herd immunity”. There are only three problems: there is no evidence of persistent immunity from Omicron infection, all signs suggest that it will not be the last variant and, for the moment, it is leaving a new slaughter in its wake as it breaks infection records day after day.

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