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The crisis of environmentalism

The crisis of environmentalism

2022-11-06 | Critique of ideology

The acceleration of the Green Deal in the midst of a war against its main energy supplier is increasingly contradictory for the European ruling classes. Catastrophist environmentalism, which was encouraged during the "Sacred Climate Union" campaign, is rapidly falling out of favor.

Violence and elections in the US

Violence and elections in the US

2022-11-05 | USA

The political tension in the US responds to deep divisions in the ruling class. A divide that, far from closing, is deepening in all areas, reflects increasingly contradictory interests and shows signs of growing violence. We should be concerned.

Itaewon Massacre

Itaewon Massacre

2022-11-02 | Moral

The death of more than 150 people in an avalanche in the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul is neither a mere accident nor the product of a peculiarity of Korean culture, but another product of the human meat grinder that the morality and culture of the system has become.

Against Halloween

Against Halloween

2022-11-01 | Critique of ideology

Beneath the surface of Halloween there lies not Celtic druids, but movie studios and television channels. Behind "Trick or Treat" there is no ancient Celtic tradition but the old filth of xenophobia that burns the houses of migrant workers.

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