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A new era in South America

A new era in South America

2023-01-13 | Brazil

The whole of South America seems to be convulsing in a series of more or less violent economic and political crises. Meanwhile, in the background, the new presidency of a Lula consecrated by the buffoonish and vandalistic farewell of Bolsonarism, begins to reorganize relations with Argentina and lay the foundations for a historic change in the balances and dependencies between regional national capitals and global powers... awakening resistances and accelerating internal struggles in the countries of the region.

3 cultural trends that will accelerate in 2023

3 cultural trends that will accelerate in 2023

2023-01-08 | Critique of ideology

The reappearance in the neighborhoods of a religious morality that objectifies women by the hand of the lumpen and the petty bourgeoisie, the warmongering alliance between militarism and feminism and the invention of a "Generation Z" wary of social networks, will mark a tendency in the immediate future.

10 years of

10 years of "Utopia"

2023-01-05 | Arts and Entertainment

Ten years ago now, the British channel Channel 4 premiered "Utopia". Utopia, without an anticlimax or breaks, unfolded a brutal and funny plot built on vaccines, viruses created in laboratories, non-existent epidemics and ministers controlled by big pharma. How could the authors predict the conspiracy boom that was coming?

Who is afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Who is afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

2023-01-03 | Technology

In the framework of capitalist social relations, AI, a tool that in itself materializes potentialities of the socialization of production, can only multiply the contradictions of the system in its decay, driving unemployment, the de-skilling and impoverishment of workers, imperialist tensions, totalitarianism, and the degradation of knowledge and culture.

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