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Who is afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Who is afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

2023-01-03 | Technology

In the framework of capitalist social relations, AI, a tool that in itself materializes potentialities of the socialization of production, can only multiply the contradictions of the system in its decay, driving unemployment, the de-skilling and impoverishment of workers, imperialist tensions, totalitarianism, and the degradation of knowledge and culture.

Space war is not science fiction

Space war is not science fiction

2023-01-01 | Technology

Space warfare is no longer science fiction. The war in Ukraine has entailed a leap in the militarization of space. This is not about preparing for the colonization of Mars, as the media is telling us, but about preparing for war on Earth.

The year the long war began

The year the long war began

2022-12-24 | Yearly report

The outbreak of war in Ukraine in 2022 has changed the imperialist game, opened up an epoch of war economy and global militarism, transformed the terms of the class struggle and renewed the ideological arsenal of the left and the unions to be wielded against the workers┬┤ struggle. In 2023 conscious workers have an arduous, necessarily patient and seemingly thankless job ahead of us. But it is absolutely necessary.

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