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A new era in South America

A new era in South America

2023-01-13 | Brazil

The whole of South America seems to be convulsing in a series of more or less violent economic and political crises. Meanwhile, in the background, the new presidency of a Lula consecrated by the buffoonish and vandalistic farewell of Bolsonarism, begins to reorganize relations with Argentina and lay the foundations for a historic change in the balances and dependencies between regional national capitals and global powers... awakening resistances and accelerating internal struggles in the countries of the region.

3 cultural trends that will accelerate in 2023

3 cultural trends that will accelerate in 2023

2023-01-08 | Critique of ideology

The reappearance in the neighborhoods of a religious morality that objectifies women by the hand of the lumpen and the petty bourgeoisie, the warmongering alliance between militarism and feminism and the invention of a "Generation Z" wary of social networks, will mark a tendency in the immediate future.

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