2nd Organizational Conference

This conference has covered most of the needs that have arisen from the growth of our organization over the past year. It has strengthened and mobilized us even more. Most importantly, it has put us on the path to equipping ourselves to be more useful in the battles ahead.

A May 1st… without workers?

This year we are not going to make a statement of our own. We adhere to the communiqué of the comrades of "La Antorcha", an organization of young communists that represents better than any other organization known to us the momentum that our class is already engendering and that is the only hope of our species.

Dictionary of Marxist Terms

10 April, 2020 · Publications

We are taking advantage of these days of extended confinement and vacations to put together the first edition of our “Dictionary of Marxist Terms” in English. There are already 50 terms published and some tens more of them will come in the coming weeks.

Flyer distributed in Argentina

We reproduce a flyer that will be distributed this week, on paper and by cell phone, in three capital cities of Argentina. It has been prepared by comrades who have been organizing for some time in Mendoza, San Juan and Córdoba, hand in hand with comrades from «La Antorcha» and «Emancipation».