Will the EU send warships to take wheat out of Ukraine?

30 May, 2022 · European Union · Russia · Ukraine · USA

The French Tonnerre helicopter carrier is escorted by Greek and French ships.
The French Tonnerre helicopter carrier is escorted by Greek and French ships.

After Germany refused to relax sanctions in exchange for the unblocking of Ukrainian ports by Russia, the EU “is weighing” whether to launch its military structure and send a war fleet to carry out the Ukrainian grain. The excuse: the danger of famine in third countries. But this is hard to believe: since when is the EU willing to risk open war with Russia for the needs of semi-colonial countries? Wasn’t it going to increase its own exports to alleviate the global price increase? What lies behind the plans for a new “Crimean war”?

5 key questions to understand how far the war will go in Ukraine

27 April, 2022 · Germany · Russia · Ukraine · USA

Ruins of Novotoshkivske in Lugansk after the latest fighting.

The war in Ukraine is at a standstill. Not so the count of deaths and atrocities committed by both sides. And yet, the US bet, according to its leaders, is to prolong the war until Russia collapses and the whole South and East of Ukraine become nothing more than a gigantic wreck. But the war and its consequences are not confined to the Ukrainian borders. A great snowball of contradictory imperialist interests is underway. And only we workers have a real interest in stopping it.

The “railroad war”: workers from both blocs wage war against the war

19 April, 2022 · Belarus · Europe · Greece · Italy · Russia · Ukraine

Railroad war. US tank stranded in Greece due to railwaymen's action.

The so-called “railroad war” is not limited to actions of workers in the Russian bloc or even railroad workers: trains and planes loaded with tanks and arms shipments have been stopped by workers in the US bloc…. Although naturally the European press has reported only marginally about it.

Can Russian anti-militarism end the war in Ukraine?

6 March, 2022 · Russia

Police detain a Yandex rider at an anti-war rally in Petersburg

The anti-militarist movement in Russia is proving capable of mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Its adherents are showing true heroism in the face of an increasingly brutal repression. But its citizenist approaches condemn Russian anti-militarism, as it is today, to political impotence. And yet…

The false “internationalism” of the ruling classes and their media

4 March, 2022 · Russia · Ukraine

Russian soldiers captured by a Ukrainian paramilitary group.

The invisibilization of resistance against war and militarism on both sides of the front, as well as the media support for the Ukrainian “international legion”, clearly shows what the “internationalism” of the ruling classes and their spokesmen all over the world is all about.

War, a circular industry

3 March, 2022 · Russia · Ukraine

The capitalist war is, on the ground, an industrial competition whose primary product is the mass production of corpses from the same workers it employs. A “circular industry” indeed.

Saving private Biden

17 February, 2022 · Russia · Ukraine · USA

Russian Tanks in Belarus

The Russian army announced the staggered end of the ongoing maneuvers from the Mediterranean to Belarus. But according to the American press, the invasion of Ukraine is still imminent while tension keeps growing, in fact there would be 7,000 more Russian troops on the ground and therefore the NATO deployment would have to be reinforced and extended. But France and Germany are already doing something else, openly contradicting this discourse, incorporating China and placing themselves at the antipodes of US propaganda whose real objectives seem to be to “save Private Biden” within the US and to forcefully change the European energy matrix.

Elections in Russia

20 September, 2021 · Russia

Elections in Russia

Elections in Russia are held with unemployment on the rise and the Covid in full force -to the point of surrounding Putin. Predictable and contested results which, although deformed by fraud and the very nature of electoral processes in general, show the erosion of the political apparatus of the Russian bourgeoisie. What the European and Anglo-Saxon press does not tell openly is that the system lives in permanent and brutal war against the workers and that the economic bases of Russian capitalism see their expectations improving thanks to an unexpected ally: the USA.

Strike wave in the Donbass mines

10 June, 2020 · Russia

Amidst repression, torture and militarization, the situation in the Donbass mines remains unsettled but an extension and a move towards mass strike cannot be excluded.

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