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The morality of a meat grinder

2020-07-08 | Morality

There is more and more clinical evidencethat Covid is also transmitted through aerosols as well as droplets and that this is related to the global acceleration of the pandemic. ventilation systems in slaughterhouses, factories, offices and even hospitals should be urgently checked. But no, it doesn't matter: Trump is already pressing to reopen schools in the middle of a new epidemiological peak, Sánchez with dozens of outbreaks is telling us that we don't have to be afraid and that the important thing is to recover the economy, that is, the profitability of capital at all costs. The same refrain as French officialdom. The message is clear. No wonder Merkel has been so grateful to the media for the services provided. But the facts, and the virus, are stubborn.

Under the data of the pandemic lies the antagonism between human needs and the logic of capital

A soldier disinfects a room at Planalto Palace, residence of the president of Brazil.

Today we discover that the delay in imposing the confinement in the main industrial centers of Lombardy, which resulted in a gigantic cost in lives, was the result of a conscious policy to save investments rather than workers' lives. A hierarchy of goals that has been universal and constant during the pandemic and has been accelerated during the de-confinement.

We may well never know the total number of deaths in nursing homes. The recently published internal reports of the Spanish Ministry of Health, raise the figure higher and higher. What is clear is that it is the logic of their management by the capital that made them the center of the slaughter.

What we do know - even if only from marginal journalistic notes which are more concerned with denying the data than with explaining it - is that during the period when only the essential workplaces were open, the suicides fell spectacularly in Japan and that in Spain the number of women murdered by their partners during the state of alarm went from eight to two, that is, about four times less. Kind of a hint that both social diseases are the direct product of that gigantic meat grinder that are working conditions and unemployment in today's capitalism.

The morale of the petty bourgeois revolt

"Indigenous" activists who, as the poster shows, do not use the local New Mexico dialect, vandalize a statue of the region's conquistador.


Their own professional ideologues realize this and settle for the tremendous banality that the future is out of fashion... which means that there is no moral foundation possible. They are in line with the iconoclastic drift of the latest petty bourgeois revolts in the Anglo-Saxon world. Call it post-modernity or whatever you want. There is no idea more delusional than the one that characterizes these revolts at a global level: the idea that desire is a generator of reality and that the modification of the representation of that reality -either through the use of a specific linguistic register or through the demolition of statues- transforms the material world by itself, bringing it closer to the desirable ideal. Behaving in accordance with desire, without even asking what material interests it responds to, contributes somehow to its magical realization. The moral -the personal- would be by itself, political. Or said the other way round: political action would be reduced to individual moralizing gestures based on an unquestionable desire.



Capitalist morality and the pandemic

Terrace in A Guarda, Galicia.

It was clear that an early return to production would only increase the number of victims of Covid. Even more so the alleged normality in retail and hotel business. The final report of the serological study carried out by the Ministry of Health in Spain shows (pages 22 to 25) a direct correlation between the number of non-work related trips and the probability of contagion. The grinder is up and running again.