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Macron and the consulting firms scandal

1 April, 2022 · France

Consultancy scandal: Macron at a McKinsey seminar in 2016
Consultancy scandal: Macron at a McKinsey seminar in 2016

A few days before the first round of a presidential election turned into a war rage contest, the “consulting firms scandal” seems to be consolidating as the big election campaign issue. On March 17, the French Senate published a report denouncing the massive use of consulting firms -especially the US firm McKinsey- during the 5 years of Macron’s government.

The White Lotus

11 August, 2021 · TV

The White Lotus
The White Lotus

HBO aired the day before yesterday the penultimate episode of “The White Lotus,” a light-hearted but unsettling series that, against the least promising backdrop, depicts the intimacy of class relations and ironizes the dominant ideologies of today’s US bourgeoisie.


25 October, 2020 · TV

Roadkill is the political series of the season on the BBC. The narrative is built on the wake of the «House of Cards» of the nineties, but without the Shakespearean histrionics and the overdose of cynicism of the original model. In fact, Roadkill is one of the few political series that encourages real political reflection.

A new period in Venezuela?

25 September, 2020 · Venezuela

The United States tightens its grip again and tries to revive Guaidó. The EU, on the other hand, is betting on Capriles and will help him run in the elections organized by Maduro for December. The reality is the collapse of national capital and the hunger of the workers. With the national bourgeoisie divided into three blocks, each with its international allies, what now awaits the workers in Venezuela?

What should we expect from the demonstrations in the United States?

5 June, 2020 · USA

There is no point in a mass “awakening” in condemnation of racism, because racism is not a problem of “individual consciousness” that can be separated from social structure and class division. Nothing will ever come from the trade unions, the bourgeoisie or the identitarianists bent on maintaining this same class structure. The struggle against all discrimination is inseparable from the social question and therefore inseparable from the centralization and independence of our struggle as workers.

Coronavirus and class struggle

23 March, 2020 · Global situation

«The State counts the money, we will count the dead»

If the pressure to close down ceases to come from the striking workers and becomes part of a faction of the executive, not only will it be possible to manipulate what is an “essential service”, as in Murcia or Italy, until the concept loses all meaning, but the working class strength gained during the struggles will come to nothing It will be handed over to a part of the same class that is already discussing how to distribute the burden of reanimating national capital among the workers of each country “when it is all over”.