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The G7: prelude to the NATO Summit… and its contradictions

27 June, 2022 · Global situation

Biden, escorted by Von der Leyen, Kishida, Trudeau, Scholz, Draghi and Michel
Biden, escorted by Von der Leyen, Kishida, Trudeau, Scholz, Draghi and Michel

The G7 summit was the prelude to what we will see from tomorrow at NATO: friction, tensions and backstabbings between the great European imperialisms, Turkey and the US, in the negotiation between them of a new imperialist division of the world into economic-military blocs which they can only choose to impose by means of the generalization of war.

The new imperialist map of Europe is more contradictory than ever before

4 April, 2022 · Europe

Orban and Vucic, victors in yesterday's elections in Hungary and Serbia and contradictory pieces in the new imperialist map of Europe.

After the acceleration towards militarism which accompanied the first stages of the war in Ukraine and the first steps towards a war economy, the imperialist map of Europe is revealing itself to be much more contradictory and explosive than intended from Brussels. Never before has it been so urgent for the workers to build their own organizational framework both to confront immediately the consequences of militarism and to confront its horizon: generalized war.

Food security and war economy

14 March, 2022 · European Union · Global situation

The sunflower oil crisis has raised the alarm about European food security and opened the door to an agri-food war economy.

“Food security” is moving to the forefront of the priorities of European states. The agrarian war economy that shaped the EU in the Cold War is back on the immediate agenda. Far beyond sunflower and grains, globally there will come a famine and a new international division of agri-food production; and in Europe a regression of social relations in the countryside and a new push towards the most harmful elements of the agri-food industry. Agri-food production is on the way to becoming war production.

War Economy and the “Income Pact”

10 March, 2022 · Europe

The tsunami brought about by the emergence of militarism and the evolution from economic war to a war economy is not going to stop. Least of all with regard to the workers in all the states of Europe, from the Azores to Yakutia. We are at the first moment of a massive impoverishment which will inevitably be accompanied by a strengthening of state totalitarianism. And only struggles, strikes and an increasingly frank confrontation with the ruling militarism will be able to stop and reverse it.

The economic consequences of the war will not be temporary

8 March, 2022 · Global situation

Moncloa yesterday. Meeting between employers, unions and government to talk about an "Income Pact" to face the "economic consequences of the war".

That which today is presented to us as the economic consequences of war will not be temporary, nor will they end with the laying down of arms. Neither are the new economic conditions a temporary effect of the conflict and sanctions, nor will they disappear with “peace”. The “Income Pact” proposed by different governments as a way of “sharing” the economic impact of the war in Ukraine will not be either a parenthesis or a “temporary sacrifice”.

Does the war in Ukraine have anything to do with “defending democracy and our values”?

7 March, 2022 · Critique of ideology

Pedro Sánchez addresses the Federal Committee of the PSOE decked out in the colors of the national flag of Ukraine.

The permanent azure-yellow exaltation and the most shameless war propaganda set the media tone in all European states and the USA. This has nothing to do with “democracy” and “our values”, no matter what Biden, Macron or Sanchez may say, but with the political necessity to enforce acceptance of the “sacrifices” demanded by the rising militarism. The result is the first advance of a new ideology of framing for war which turns a blind eye to the excesses of a nationalism which until yesterday was condemned as the great danger of the century.

The false “internationalism” of the ruling classes and their media

4 March, 2022 · Russia · Ukraine

Russian soldiers captured by a Ukrainian paramilitary group.

The invisibilization of resistance against war and militarism on both sides of the front, as well as the media support for the Ukrainian “international legion”, clearly shows what the “internationalism” of the ruling classes and their spokesmen all over the world is all about.

War, a circular industry

3 March, 2022 · Russia · Ukraine

The capitalist war is, on the ground, an industrial competition whose primary product is the mass production of corpses from the same workers it employs. A “circular industry” indeed.

The “Culture and sports” industries of preparation for war retreat to their bases

3 March, 2022 · Arts and enterteinment

Gergiev conducting in Palmyra, after Syrian and Russian forces recaptured the ancient city in 2016.

When imperialist tensions grow high enough, the cultural press suddenly “realizes” that the great performers and conductors are – oh surprise – more or less discreet propagandists for the governments that support them. The demand for boycott becomes immediate and the usual nonsense about “culture as a bridge between peoples”, “culture for peace”, etc. comes to an end.

The new Europe has arrived: militarism, nuclear threat and hunger

28 February, 2022 · Europe

German tanks at a NATO base. Germany will drastically increase its manpower and equipment in view of an eventual war with Russia.

In a matter of hours a new Europe is being sketched before our eyes. Germany is rearming en masse by endowing its army with an extraordinary fund of 100 billion euros. Sanctions are already hitting millions in Russia and are driving at least 30 million workers to starvation. Putin resumes the offensive in Ukraine and aims his nuclear forces at Europe. The EU surrenders to militarism. And in the face of the ongoing barbarism and in spite of the invisibilization caused by the war propaganda of both sides, the first sparks of resistance against militarism appear: mothers of soldiers, young people, deserters… a spark waiting to ignite among the workers.

Falklands: China comes into the limelight

9 February, 2022 · Argentina · China · United Kingdom

Malvinas / Falklands

The Falklands/Malvinas is definitely a new flashpoint in the global imperialist conflict. While Britain is forcibly militarizing the islands and Argentina is hastily reinforcing defenses, China is pressing against the British, South America is splitting in two, and the EU, encouraged by Spain and Germany, is increasingly tempted to open a new diplomatic front against London.

State of the Union 2021

16 September, 2021 · European Union

Von der Leyen addresses a nearly empty Parliament in the State of the Union 2021 debate.

Yesterday the European Parliament held the State of the Union 2021 debate. In her speech, Ursula von der Leyen skipped central issues and tensions between countries in order to emphasize the constituent tone with which the Commission tries to curtail the memory of the many social disasters it drives and coordinates: from its infamous border and migration policy to the vaccination campaign via the impact of the Green Deal on the electricity bill.

World War III is brewing today

2 April, 2021 · Imperialism Report

Vostok 2018 military exercise. First test of Russian and Chinese troops coordinating in a III Worl War.

World War III is a forthright and conscious scenario that is already in the plans of the great powers. The horizon dates for which these powers are preparing their armies are official and vary between 2027 and 2034. In any case, outlines of military blocs and coordinated strategies are beginning to take shape, rendering the imperialist balance increasingly volatile and violent.

China and the US vie for East Asia and Europe

6 September, 2020 · Imperialism Report

Global confrontation between the two powers emerging as bloc leaders has already begun. Workers from all over the world are already the victims, who are paying in deaths on not a few sides, in [[precarization]] and unemployment on all sides, the needs of a capital to which the world has become too small. Another sign that, just as it is not in its interests to have a homeland, neither is it in its interests to link up with any bloc.

A clarion call

7 June, 2020 · Imperialism Report

We are experiencing a general clarion call throughout the world that threatens to produce a proliferation of armed conflicts.

The end of the nuclear power balance

4 June, 2020 · Global situation

W76-2 nuclear missil, the «Trump's missile», in production since 2019.

Nuclear proliferation is a real threat to all mankind. It starkly reflects that the severity of the crisis of the system is far greater than what the media tells us and that the urgency of affirming a global alternative goes well beyond a “recessive economic moment”


29 May, 2020 · Imperialism Report

“Decoupling” is the new slogan running through think-tanks, chancelleries and economic ministries. It means a reduction in the interdependence between national capitals. But the reality is that not only capitals will become “decoupled”, but also the institutional system and the balances between classes will.

Militarism comes to the fore

22 May, 2020 · Imperialism Report

What we are seeing, from China to Brazil to Turkey, is an initial phase in the development of militarism. The political weight of the military reappears as a resource and a safeguard against the internal conflicts of the bourgeoisie (Brazil) but above all as a way of ensuring a viable medium-term strategic perspective (China) in a context where the centrality of the imperialist conflict shifts from the commercial and the placement of capital to the military (Turkey).

The crisis has entered a new stage

30 April, 2020 · Imperialism Report

Assembly of Gazprom workers on strike in Yakutia, Russia in April 2020.

A new phase of economic recession and political crisis is beginning worldwide. All the contradictions of the system have accelerated with the pandemic and the ability of capital to recover will depend on its ability to impose a massive transfer of income from labor to capital in each country. The losses and needs of capital are even more brutal than in 2009. But unlike ten years ago, we are entering this new phase with a working class that has mobilized under an almost universal program of demands and that in not a few cases has been strong enough to overcome the unions and twist the arms of companies and governments. But this was not even the first act. It has been the overture.

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