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Protests in Colombia

14 May, 2021 · Colombia

Protests in Colombia
Protests in Colombia

After 12 days and having already suffered 47 deaths, 39 of which as a result of repression, protests in Colombia are entering a new phase.

What does the global minimum corporate tax rate advocated by the US, the IMF and the G20 mean?

11 April, 2021 · Global situation

Hellen Yellen advocating for the global minimum corporate tax rate
Hellen Yellen advocating for the global minimum corporate tax rate

The global minimum corporate tax rate on corporate profits, defended by the US, the IMF and under discussion at the G20, in addition to responding to the internal needs of US capital to stay ahead in the competition with China and to be instrumental in the formation of a new Western bloc, points to an internal reorganization of each national bourgeoisie after 12 years of crisis of accumulation

The youtubers who loved Andorra

24 January, 2021 · History

We are told of tax havens as a kind of small parasitic states stealing tax revenues from large states by eroding their revenue-raising capacity and social policies. Nothing could be more untrue. Tax havens were established as such as a result of the deliberate policies of large states, Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA… and Spain, whose relationship with Andorra and Gibraltar fits into that general pattern.

The antagonists of wealthy youtubers: the state, redistribution, social spending and taxation

23 January, 2021 · Foundations

In this second part, we will critique the ideology used by the detractors of tax-evading youtubers. According to the former, evading taxes would exemplify a lack of solidarity because social spending depends on tax collection and because, in addition, taxes would allow a redistribution of wealth capable of curbing the trend towards the concentration of income in the hands of capital.