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War Economy and the “Income Pact”

10 March, 2022 · Europe

EU Ukraine. War Economy

The tsunami brought about by the emergence of militarism and the evolution from economic war to a war economy is not going to stop. Least of all with regard to the workers in all the states of Europe, from the Azores to Yakutia. We are at the first moment of a massive impoverishment which will inevitably be accompanied by a strengthening of state totalitarianism. And only struggles, strikes and an increasingly frank confrontation with the ruling militarism will be able to stop and reverse it.

Minimum wage hike: 7 basic questions

10 February, 2022 · Critique of ideology

Minimum wage workers in a call center

Is an increase in the minimum wage necessarily good for workers? Under what conditions can it generate an improvement? Under what conditions does it reduce the wage volume paid to workers as a whole and render working conditions even more precarious?

Reduction of working hours and salaries: What is going on?

8 October, 2021 · Global situation

Desigual workers vote a reduction in working hours with inferior wages at Desigual
Desigual workers vote a reduction in working hours with inferior wages at Desigual

Yesterday in Spain all TV news programs devoted an unusual amount of space to the “referendum” at Desigual regarding the reduction of working hours. They insisted that “the reduction in salary is shared equally between the workers and the company”. Yes, they are peddling a model and yes, there is a catch. From Japan to the U.S. via Ireland, France and Great Britain, the so-called “recovery” is being accompanied by a reduction in workers’ incomes dressed up in different ways. Reduced working hours is just one of them.

2021 minimum wage hike in Spain: Questions and Answers

8 September, 2021 · Spain

The general secretaries of CCOO, UGT (unions), CEOE and CEPYME (employers' associations) meet with the labor minister to discuss the rise of the SMI 2021.
The general secretaries of CCOO, UGT (unions), CEOE and CEPYME (employers' associations) meet with the labor minister to discuss the rise of the SMI 2021.

In an interview on TVE this Monday, Spanish Economy Minister Nadia Calviño guaranteed that the minimum wage increase in 2021 will be approved this October and will not have retroactive effects. Yesterday, Tuesday, newspapers opened with the angry complaints of the doctrinaire petty bourgeoisie who, together with the employers’ association flatly refuse any rise in the lowest wages given the lower profitability of their own capital. Meanwhile, the labor minister promised that she would “bring employers and unions together” during September. What lies beneath the fuss, and what real impact will it have on wages?

Reduction of working hours and minimum wage rising in US

2 July, 2021 · USA

Workers at Amazon
Workers at Amazon

The increase in the minimum wage in both Amazon and Target was accompanied by the reduction of working hours as well as the elimination of both health insurance and bonuses…which meant that workers’ real hourly earnings were actually reduced despite the wage hike. And it’s even worse. In the U.S. economy as a whole, inflation has already eaten into wage growth. And what is coming with the Green Deal is more of the same.

Can the European “Recovery” Fund ease the crisis?

27 July, 2020 · European Union

Conte and Sánchez last summer.

The low volume of the “recovery” funds turns them into a mere cover of the “austerity” promoted by the EU, with all that it means for the workers as a forced reduction of the general exploitation costs of the labor power: less healthcare services, education, social cohesion, etc. But this “austerity”would remain a mere appetizer for the general offensive against workers’ conditions implied by the “reforms” aimed at by this “recovery fund”.

A fake repeal of Rajoy’s labor reform

21 May, 2020 · Spain

Sanchism needs Rajoy’s labor reform to do its alchemy so that, for example, each rise in the minimum wage reduces the total wage bill received by the workers. And if he were to repeal it, it would be in order to re-enunciate it under a different name… and with the same substance.

What will “social and economic reconstruction” mean for you?

19 May, 2020 · Spain

Along with the recession, a period of direct attacks on our working, retirement and general living conditions is opening up. Wages, pensions and working conditions will be in the front line. It is more important than ever not to fall into the traps that attempt to make us support the production of dividends at the expense of our vital needs, be it in the name of “reconstruction”, “social justice” or “climate change”.