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Wildcat strike in the North Sea

23 May, 2022 · United Kingdom

One of the rigs involved in a wildcat strike in the North Sea.

Workers on oil rigs in the British North Sea have begun a wildcat strike that is affecting oil production. Employers and unions are pressuring them to give up the struggle. And yet the strike continues to spread. It could mark a turning point in the workers’ response to the crisis across Europe.

Protests in Kazakhstan: 5 clues to understand what’s going on

7 January, 2022 · Kazakhstan

Army troops join the crackdown on protests in Kazakhstan last Wednesday.

The crackdown on protests in Kazakhstan has become internationalized: Russian paratroopers and Armenian, Tajik and Kyrgyz troops under CSTO mandate have entered the country to tackle demonstrators. Russian agencies speak of a joint action to confront “terrorists” and “bandits”, American ones of an attempt by Putin to “expand his influence”. Both render invisible the reality: from last Sunday to today, the Kazakh state has collapsed in the face of a mass strike that spread throughout the country, but which nevertheless is far from the level of workers’ self-organization that we have seen in Iran.

Strikes return to Zhanaozen ten years after the massacre

21 July, 2021 · Kazakhstan

Striking workers camped in yurts in Zhanaozen

Right now there are workers from half a dozen companies camped out in permanent and open assembly, incorporating workers from sectors that remain in apparent normality. Everything points to the fact that we may be in the first moments of a mass strike, spontaneously self-organized and centralized in an open assembly of workers at Zhanaozen.

Covid and school: the state rejects the evidence, workers resume struggles

4 May, 2021 · Global situation

Massive teachers' strike aside from the unions in Algeria

Covid and schools continue to be at the center of the class struggle during the pandemic. In the months since the return to school after Christmas, states have striven to enforce the new normality in the education system from Argentina to France at the cost of contagions and through lies refuted even by their own research institutes. Meanwhile, from Brazil to Senegal via Great Britain, teachers are back in the struggle, and in Algeria they broke union control and imposed the payment of salary arrears throughout the country.

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