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Urgent appeal to the internationalists of South America

2019-03-22 | Statements

Today, in Santiago de Chile, all the bourgeoisies of South America except for those of Uruguay, Bolivia and Venezuela will form ProSur. This new institutional framework represents the subordination of the strategy of South American national capital to that of Brazil; economically and militarily stronger and presently blessed as a regional partner and guardian of a greater imperialism: that of the United States of America.

The appearance of a bloc, however, does not obscure the violently contradictory nature of the new alliance. Its first victims will include those who today figure as its founders. Dragged into an ignominious arms race, strangled by the exigencies of imperialism – to export, to reach agreements with other imperialist gangs such as China or the European Union – the South American bourgeoisies are compelled to align themselves lest they perish. On the horizon, the almost forgotten specter of continental war makes its appearance again.

A new era is beginning on the continent, in which only an internationalist response from the workers, a response that recognizes all the bourgeoisies – continental and extra-continental – as a single enemy, will be able to confront the otherwise unstoppable militarist and warmongering tendencies that inevitably develop in parallel with the increasingly direct attack on our wages and living conditions.

The responsibility of true internationalists is immense. After a century of an onslaught of praise for national liberation, after decades of selling us totalitarian state capitalism as socialism, the political expression of workers' interests and possibilities is practically unknown. The individuals and groups that inevitably emerge in search of class positions, mostly die suffocated by nationalist leftism and left nationalism, both expressions of some classes for which the abolition of wage labor and the commodity is as inconceivable as not taking sides in an inter-bourgeois dispute, either between states – that is, between national bourgeoisies – or within them.

Therefore, we make an urgent appeal to all internationalists in South America, whether formally organized or not, to build together with us an international coordination under the principle that every faction of the bourgeoisie is today reactionary and that therefore, in any war to come, the first real enemy will always be the capital of one's own country.