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War, a circular industry

2022-03-03 | Ukraine

The Ukrainian army published today a list of casualties it claims to have inflicted on the Russian army. We will not try to prove or disprove the numbers. What is significant is the presentation in the manner of an accounting statement. The items are listed. At first the variable capital destroyed - the dead soldiers - in the remainder lie the capital goods (airplanes, tanks, tankers, etc).

In the media and in the ministries of foreign affairs, analysts discuss the weapons used according to manufacturing criteria. The only difference between a machine tool and a "shoulder weapon" is that what in one is called "physical productivity" and measures the productive capacity it adds to an average working day, in the other is called "lethality" and measures the destructive and murderous capacity it brings to an average soldier in combat.

This is no novelty either, since the first imperialist world war the slaughter is analyzed and planned according to criteria of industrial organization.

The capitalist war is, on the ground, an industrial competition whose primary product is the mass production of corpses from the same workers it employs. A "circular industry" indeed.