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What did we learn from these months of pandemic and where do we go from here?

2020-06-22 | Global News

Today in Spain the “state of alarm” is no longer in effect. To reach this point, deaths were no longer counted, even though they continued to occur, and then suddenly they were stretched far below the real figure, which today is probably nearer to 50,000 deaths. A full-blown massacre... that's not over. Globally, the disease advances at full speed, but in Europe, borders are gradually being reopened. The bourgeoisie wants everything to appear "normal" so that accumulation can resume its rhythm, but we are very far from anything like that. It is time to draw some conclusions and clarify some perspectives on what is to come.

What "happened"

The Spanisg Army Emergency Unit leaves a nursing home after collecting dead bodies.

From the rushes, imaginative data cooking and early openings of hotel and border businesses, two things are clear: that the end of early confinement claimed lives and that the health objective was always surpassed by the fear of damaging investments.

Italian workers in "Coronavirus Strike"


Villa Azul, Buenos Aires.


Pro-BLM protesters kneel to apologize for a supposed "privilege" that all white people in the world would enjoy regardless of their class.



What comes next

Greece. Demonstration against Mitzotakis' pension reform.

In Spain the bourgeoisie has not waited a single day to openly confirm what we had been anticipating: there is an attack on work and pensions disguised as European "negotiation". The long awaited European funds proposed by Germany and France are still more imaginary than real and whose negotiations are not progressing. From waiting for funds in June, the spanish government has set its sights on "January or February". And despite all this, whatever is finally decided, these funds will decide the "objectives of the legislature". What happens in Spain is not very different from what occurs in France and other European countries.

Ursula Von der Leyen presents the "green deal" in Brussels.

Since the beginning of the crisis it became clearer that the so-called "reconstruction" would mean an acceleration of the "green deal", and not only in Europe. The International Energy Agency last week released its own estimates and targets: to mobilize 3 trillion dollars over three years to raise global GDP growth by 3.5 points by 2023. That is, to promote a gigantic transfer of income from labor to capital to reanimate accumulation through a "technological" change paid for by workers around the world.

"Extinction Rebellion" demonstration.

It becomes abundantly clear that the green ideological campaign will be revived at all costs and at full strength. In the "new normality" the state needs to give a "progressive" appearance to the measures and sacrifices imposed to rescue national capital. Nationalizations are back and with them the mystifications about "public property". For the same reason, identitarian movements will permeate state policies and ideological campaigns: everything that divides, everything that breaks the workers will be strategic because it will help ward off the only response that can really confront the logic of a wounded capital.


Bus drivers march in Rosario, Argentina.

proletariat|need to impose human needs above the needs of capital and its profitability


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